Ryan & Gabriel: “As a Trader You Should Never Be Distracted by Your Emotions”

Interview with the crypto traders Ryan and Gabriel from Bituni, who will give a trading workshop in Playa del Carmen

Ryan Gerressen & Gabriel Molenkamp

How did you get into crypto and crypto trading?

Gabriel: I first heard about Bitcoin in 2012 when I was seventeen through a friend. I was into Anarchism at that time, so I immediately liked the idea of a currency which works independently from the government. Shortly after that I started to trade, and I also became quite active in the crypto community in the Netherlands and started my own group for traders.

Ryan: I traded Forex, shares and other things before I discovered crypto in 2017, just before the last big bull run. I taught myself how to trade crypto, it took me a while and I made some costly mistakes. So I started a group to teach people how to avoid these mistakes.

Gabriel: Ryan is without a doubt the best crypto trader I know. So when we met through a common friend, we decided to join forces and merge our groups, that’s how Bituni started.

What exactly do you offer to your Bituni members?

Ryan: We have two Telegram groups, in one it’s only us who can publish. We send out charts and data and give our members tips when to buy and when to sell.

Gabriel: The other one is an open chat group in which the members can talk to each other and help each other. I am glad that we have only nice and interesting people in the group, it has a real family feeling.

Twee Nederlanders met een fiets.

How many members do you have and what are the conditions?

Gabriel: We have around 130 members and each one pays a monthly member fee of 150 Euros, which we will probably raise to 250 Euros soon. We want to keep the group small so that people can really get to know each other.

Ryan: It is important that the service has a price, it’s a kind of filter. Only people who really take it seriously join the group. That is the main function of the price, we make much more money with the trading itself. Probably we will take that money to rent a castle and throw a big party for all our members in summer.

Do people learn to trade from you?

Ryan: Currently not. We are in a bull market, that’s not the time for learning, but for getting the maximum out of it as long as it lasts. At the moment we focus on giving our members the right tips, so they can follow them and make money. Some people were quite skeptical at first, because our advice does not follow the usual trading strategies. Actually we are often doing the exact opposite. But when they see the results, they become happy that they listened to us.

What is your trading strategy?

Gabriel: We don’t react to news or follow any trends. We totally focus on data, on market cycles and chart patterns.

Can you give an example?

Ryan: When Ripple had a problem with the authorities, many people panicked and sold their XRP, so the price plummeted. But our data clearly showed that it would go up again, so we heavily invested and made a good profit.

So you are not afraid of what Bitcoin Maximalists would call a “shitcoin”?

Gabriel: No, we do not follow any ideology, but only our data.  As a trader you should never be distracted by your emotions, you need to act as rationally as possible. At the moment our focus is on Altcoins, with them you can make the most profit.

What are your future plans?

Ryan: We are developing an online course in which you can learn the art of trading. We will probably do this while we are here in Playa del Carmen. During the bull run there is no time to learn how to trade, but it will become very important when it’s over.

If you are a member of the CryptoPlaya group, you may register for this workshop here

On Tuesday, April 27th you will give a workshop about trading at our CryptoPlaya meetup. What can people expect from it?

Gabriel: We will blow their minds!

If you happen to be in Playa del Carmen on April 27th and you want to take part in the trading workshop, please join this Facebook group. If you don’t like Facebook, we also have a Telegram group which you may join.