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Get Smart Through Data!

Our weekly report provides you with in-depth analyses of the Bitcoin market.

Get the most relevant data about the current state of the market, the positioning of important market participants, adjacent markets (stocks, bonds, oil, gold, other cryptocurrencies) and fundamental indicators.

All this will help you to understand the market and to make more money with your trades and investments.

We do use some technical indicators to describe the state of the market but more important are the current activities of market participants.

For this we have developed special indicators to analyze the open interest and long/short positions of individual market participants such as asset managers or leveraged fundsThese indicators are not derived from past price data and can therefore provide particularly valuable insights into the market. 

We will also inform you about the most important trend in Bitcoin today, which is Decentralised Finance or DeFi.

Who Benefits From Our Weekly Report?

  1. 1
    TRADERS have a much higher chance of winning if they act in accordance with the overall trend.
  2. 2
    INVESTORS increase their return on investment by entering at lows, making profits at highs and re-entering on the next low.
  3. 3
    HODLERS can increase their profits by not buying arbitrarily, but only when they are close to lows.

The Editors

Aaron Koenig

is educating people about Bitcoin since 2011 through books, videos, articles, meetups and talks. He has written four books about cryptocurrencies, among them the bestseller Cryptocoins - Investing in Digital Currencies.

Wolfgang Fallmann

is a Bitcoin trader and analyst who has developed special indicators to analyze the market. His book Crypto Investor Mindset is based on modern psychological insights and helps traders and investors to avoid common mistakes.

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